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After publishing the Firefox OS for Raspberry Pi post, Dietrich Ayala commented that he liked it and that he’d send me something from my Amazon Wishlis...

Firefox OS for Raspberry Pi: Now Available

1 minute read

UPDATE: This was a project done in 2013, and since then I didn't find enough time to continue it. Please look at the recent Mozilla effort to bring Firefox O...

Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko) for Raspberry Pi

1 minute read

Two weeks ago my Raspberry Pi finally arrived. Immediately I started looking around for a way to get Firefox OS (formerly Boot2Gecko, B2G) running on it and ...

Contribute to openSUSE: Update a package

2 minute read

I'm sure many openSUSE users have already heard about the goodness of the openSUSE Build Service (OBS). But how many have already tried to use it as develope...