Hi! I’m Philipp, a hardware and software developer living in Munich, Germany. You can find more about what I did and currently do on the projects page and in the blog. If you have any questions, please drop me a mail.


I’m a regular speaker at scientific and open source conferences. Find below an incomplete list of talks, slides and recordings (where they are available).

  • Fast architecture prototyping on FPGAs: frameworks, tools, and challenges How can OpTiMSoC, GLIP, and other tools help you get a research prototype of an MPSoC up and running quickly? April 10, 2017, Gesellschaft für Informatik WG meeting, Darmstadt, Germany. Slides
  • Digital hardware design – What can we learn from software development – and what not? A talk about the challenges and some solutions when designing free and open source chips. Presented at FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. A recording and the slides are available on the conference page.
  • Let’s Talk About LibreCores Launch of LibreCores beta at ORCONF 2016 in Bologna, Italy. Slides and a recording are available.
  • How to design your own chip? An introduction to chip design, the necessary tools and techniques. FrOSCon 2016, St. Augustin, Germany. A recording and the slides are available on the conference page.
  • DiaSys: On-Chip Trace Analysis for Multi-Processor System-on-Chip A research presentation introducing DiaSys. April 6, 2016 at ARCS in Nuremberg, Germany. Slides
  • Digital Hardware Design: Why is it still so hard? Introducing the challenges and some solutions of digital hardware design. Also the initial mention of LibreCores! FOSDEM 2016, Brussels, Belgium. Recording and slides available on the conference page.
  • OpTiMSoC – Build Your Own System-on-Chip! What’s OpTiMSoC and how can it be used to create a customized MPSoC? A quick rundown of the majority of OpTiMSoC features and future plans. FOSDEM 2014, Brussles, Belgium. Recording and slides available on the conference page.
  • Trace Debugging in Academics – the Future of Multicore Debugging? Thoughts and ideas on improving debugging and tracing. Nov 2013, Multicore Application Debugging (MAD) Workshop in Munich, Germany. Slides

Thanks Philipp!

If you enjoyed a tool and feel like giving something back, warm words of encouragement are always welcome. In case you want to go down the material gifts route, there’s a wishlist on amazon.com and amazon.de.


German laws require my address here, but I mainly put it here so that you can send me gifts whenever you feel like it :-)

Philipp Wagner
Kazmairstraße 83
80339 München