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Speeding up Gallery2

1 minute read

I have been using Gallery2 for my private picture collection for quite some time. It's a great piece of software that shows how to write PHP code. Unfortunat...

What’s for lunch?

2 minute read

If you're working in a company or go to university or college, that's probably close to the most important question of the day. Wouldn't it be great to have ...

XForms XPI updated

less than 1 minute read

Last weekend the patch for bug #437483 got committed (it looks like it went to CVS head and branch only, not to mozilla-central -- no idea how that works now...

Anonymize FO files

less than 1 minute read

Some time ago I had the need to post a customer's XSL-FO file to a mailing list. The problem was: how to strip all the content out of the file without destro...


less than 1 minute read

Welcome at my new blog! I finally got around to re-organize all my web content and install this nice blog. Let's see how many entries it will get over time. ...