It's amazing how many ingenious ideas, how much great tech, and how many unsolved problems are out there. The quest to understand and utilize ideas and tools, libraries and concepts, and most importantly, to solve all the tiny little problems I thought I identified, has taken me on a journey through wide parts of the software and hardware world. The projects listed below are a reflection of that.

Featured Projects


Rethinking software diagnosis on embedded systems – my PhD topic.


LibreCores is a repository site for digital hardware designs.


A framework to build your own multi-core System-on-Chip.

Wait, there's more!

More projects I'm working on (or have been working on), together with much more code, are listed on my GitHub profile.
  • GLIP, the generic logic interfacing library. A way to transfer data between an FPGA with a host PC using a simple FIFO interface -- independent of the physical transport that's being used. Supported are RS-232, JTAG, and USB 2 and 3, as well as TCP connections for simulations (with more to come).
  • Tatort Rename -- a small, yet neat, utility. Rename video files of Tatort (the German TV series) episodes downloaded from various sources (such as MediathekView) according to a common file naming scheme. The script uses fuzzy matching together with a full online database of all available episodes to match even the weirdest file names (or partially wrong ones). Find the script at GitHub.