To get a working System-on-Chip, a lot of components need to be integrated. On the hardware side, it starts with a CPU implementation, continues with memories and communication infrastructure, and doesn’t stop at debug and diagnosis components. On the software side, a full software stack starting with operating system and drivers needs to be integrated to form a fully working system. And don’t forget the compiler toolchains!

OpTiMSoC is a framework to get you up and running with your own SoC design quickly. It contains tested components and integrates them into larger building blocks for SoCs. By using one of our many extension vectors, you can make OpTiMSoC do exactly what you want. Try out a new hardware accelerator design? See (on signal level) what happens when your software calls a compare-and-swap instruction?

OpTiMSoC started at the Chair for Integrated Systems at Technical University of Munich, where it is used to facilitate research on Multi and Many-Core chip architectures. All components are available open source licenses (mainly the MIT license) for anybody to reuse and build upon.

More information is available at optimsoc.org.