Strange bugs and working XForms builds again

less than 1 minute read

As a developer you're used to deal with strange bugs on a daily basis. The one today was one of that kind. The Python script I use for building the XPIs uploads the finished files using HTTP POST. For building the POST data it uses MultipartPostHandler which I found on the web.

But for some time now I got a Python exception: gaierror: (-2, 'Name or service not known').  And no, it's not my name servers, those are up and running. Causing the problem was the following line:

 boundary = mimetools.choose_boundary()

Somehow gethostbyname() screwed up (we were switched to new DHCP servers recently) and looking up our own hostname failed. At least it took me some time to look at the right place for that exception. When opening an URL you expect such an exception usually not inside a function giving you a MIME boundary :-)

After all, the XForms builds for Linux are up and running again, now for mozilla-1.9.2 and mozilla-central. Please give these builds a try and report any regressions you find as we plan to release a version for Firefox 3.6 around March.